Since the departure of Fiona in spring 2018 the Hill Bandits have been in a pretty fluid state. Good friends have stepped in and helped at various times and for different projects. Honorable mentions go to Reb and Sarah from Esper Scout, Bruce and Louis from Touchwood studio, and John Boocock providing much thought and support from the sideline. At the time of writing (November 2019) some very interesting developments are bubbling under but it’s too early to say any more.

So below is the first two phases of the Hill Bandits. PhaseX is still under formation.


Formed in late the ’80s by Kevin Lycett and Fiona McMillan the Hill Bandits had three years of busy gigging around the UK and Germany, released two well received records, recorded a third and then fell dormant. They re-emerged in 2017 from that long sleep and are busy gigging and writing new material.
They are joined by a core team of musicians including Richard Ormrod on bass (and drums, bass clarinet, piano, clarinet… the list is without end), Will Fletcher on drums, David Bowie Junior on double bass and Sarah Statham on drums.

Dave Bowie Jnr.

Richard Ormrod