Hill Bandits to Hill Scouts and beyond

Hill Scouts play the opening of Kev’s exhibition ibecamewhatisaw Oct 2018

Since the departure of Fiona in 2018 the Hill Bandits have been in flux. The release of 6 new tracks (recorded mixed and raring to go) had to be abandoned, along with a slew of major festival appearances and gigs in the summer of 2018.

Since then Kevin has continued writing and there have been some low key performances. Helped out by half of the wonderful Esper Scout, with Sarah singing, guitar, and percussion, and Reb on bass and vocals. We worked under the name of Hill Scouts. But Sarah is so busy with so many projects that it came to a close – far too soon.

Our most recent incarnation has been Hillport, a band drawn from some of Newport’s Finest musicians. We came together to perform new material Kevin wrote for a memorial performance for the 180th anniversary of the Chartist uprising in Newport, November 2019. The band were amazing and Lily Gray, who took on the vocals was simply stunning.