The Hill Bandits

The Hill Bandits music is grown from 50s and 60s popular and not so popular music.

Smoky traces of hardline country music, the jazz inflections of Ella Fitzgerald, that moment when rock’n’roll crystallised. But all that is filtered through a UK sensibility, with a light spicing of punk minimalism, and lyrics that aren’t quite as straightforward as they seem. All of this delivered in Fiona’s to-die-for voice.

Some things some nice people have said:

Fiona & Kevin June 2017

  • ‘You are my new absolute favourite band’
  • ‘Walking Through the Wall ([Central Park West] is a surefire hit’.
  • ‘The Hill Bandits are tricky little things, on the surface it sounds like pretty straightforward stuff, then you realise there’s load of layers and very interesting things going on’.
  • ‘I wasn’t sure about that last one the first time I heard it [All The Little Birds], but now I realise it’s a total blinder’ (person standing next to them nods vigorously in agreement).
  • ‘I wish there’d been more room I was dying to dance’.
  • ‘There’s more going on there than first meets the ear’.

The Hill Bandits are based in Leeds. Core members Fiona McMillan and Kevin Lycett are usually joined by Richard Ormrod (bass) and Will Fletcher (drums).

To see what they’re up to now there’s the news. To see a bit more about Fiona and Kevin see the biog section.

There’s some tracks here as well.