The Chemic gig

Well we finally got to play live after 25 years. And, despite being a bit rusty and occasionally giving the impression we were all playing different songs at the same time, it was a great gig. A lovely friendly warm audience. Thanks to Mike Jolly for putting the gig on, his main passion is Cloth Cat Studios, a great project, worth checking out.


I know, but she can really play it!

Emma, who rehearsed fiddle with us for the gig, had to pull out at the 11th hour and Carol Turner stepped in and with almost no rehearsal time bravely took the plunge and gave us some lovely fiddle and Norwegian  nykelharpa or keyed fiddle.



Fiona’s back in France now, busy with her other musical project, Itch, and they’re preparing to release their first album, so the Hill Bandits will be quiet until later this year.